Visa, Hotel and Travel

1. Visa information
2. Conference venue (TBA)
3. Transportation
4. Accommodation
5. Tour information


1. Visa information

Travelers to Vietnam are required to hold a passport valid for at least six (06) months beyond the completion of their visit and must contain a valid visa except for citizens of countries having bilateral agreements on visa exemption with Vietnam such as most Asean countries, Korea, Japan and Scandinavian countries. Please check the list for  EXEMPTION OF ENTRY VISA TO VIETNAM.
According to the requirement from the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam (MOET), the participants of IEEE ICCE 2022 must hold a visa for conference purpose. Therefore, for a visa issue please  contact us for a formal invitation letter.


2. Conference venue:


T: +84-258-3887777
F: +84-258-3886666



3. Transportation

Flight Schedule at Cam Ranh International Airport

IEEE ICCE 2022 offers a pick-up service from Cam Ranh International Airport (IATACXRICAOVVCR) to the hotels and vice versa. Public taxi or the shuttle buses will bring you to/from the location where the conference takes place/hotels. For the bus transportation, please visit at

In addition, the private cars with more flexible time and destinations are also available for you. A private car can be booked at the registration page or contact us directly with Mrs. Hong Nguyen at (and Tel.: +84 (0)935734087).

If you choose the pick-up service at registration page but then has something changes, please contact us by sending an email to latest 2 days before your departure.


4. Accommodation

Please contact us at  Mrs. Hong Nguyen at to book one of hotels below:

  1. Novotel Nha Trang - USD 71 (0.8 km)
  2. Hanava NT Hotel - USD 63 (0.2 km)
  3. Sheraton NT - USD 130 (0.2 km)
  4. The Costa NT Residences - USD 122
  5. Libra NT - USD 30 (0.4 km)
  6. Diamond Bay - USD 43 (0.4 km)
  7. Liberty Cental NT - USD 35 (1 km)
  8. V Hotel NT - USD 26 (0.4 km)
  9. Intercon Nha Trang - USD 130 (Conference venue)



5. Tour information

Please contact tour desk at the conference reception or contact us directly with Mrs. Hong Nguyen at (and Tel.: +84 (0)935734087).